RFID and Beacon Enabled Student Tracking, Attendance, and More

Preschools, elementary schools, high schools and universities are environments where the ability to track current and historical student locations has become a necessity. Teachers have more students per class than ever before. Keeping an accurate attendance record is, in many places, the law. ClearStream allows teachers to press a button and know instantly who is absent from school, who is absent from class, and who may be hanging out in the bathroom.

Track Everything at Your School with ClearStream

ClearStream is 100 percent user-configurable and can be configured to track virtually anything and anyone at a school, including faculty, IT assets, sporting equipment, and books (read here about how St. Louis University is using ClearStream for multiple tracking needs) . ClearStream utilizes best-in-class RFID (UHF, HF, LF) and beacon (iBeacon, Eddystone) technology to give schools a flexible, accurate, scalable system.

RFID and Beacon Enabled Student Tracking

Make your Student Management System an RFID / Beacon-enabled Student Tracking System

ClearStream enables non-programmers to map student data to their Student Management Systems via a simple-to-use drag-and-drop database mapping tool. If your school has an IT department, they will appreciate the power and extendibility ClearStream offers via ClearStream’s Rest API and Endpoints. If your school is one of the many without an IT department, you’ll appreciate how easy and intuitive ClearStream is to use and configure to your specific needs.

ClearStream Features for Student Tracking:

  • Passive Class Room Attendance (Cellphone to Fixed-System Link)
  • Automated Bus Attendance
  • Real-Time Student and Faculty Location Tracking with History
  • Automated Security Alerts and Alarms
  • Emergency Mustering Attendance
  • Equipment Check-in and Out
  • High-Value Asset / Personnel / Student Beacon Tracking / Triangulation
  • Configurable Email and Text Alerts for Parents, Administration, and Teachers

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How ClearStream Works

How ClearStream RFID Works

Simply connect your RFID reader or BLE Gateway to your network and the ClearStream software to the backend of your choice and start streaming data.

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Add TracerPlus Mobile RFID to your ClearStream Solution

Mobile RFID Scanning with TracerPlus

PTS also offers mobile systems that are perfect for mobile attendance in pop up classrooms or for security personnel to easily figure out student schedules via lookup to database.

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