Data Integration and Customizing ClearStream

ClearStream gives organizations of any size the ability to send collected data from RFID Readers and Bluetooth Beacon Gateways to the destination of your choice. Users can take advantage of our intuitive configuration interface to stream data to cloud services such as AWS, ODBC Databases including SQL Server, MySQL and Access or even Excel Workbooks. Using our Custom Endpoints and RESTful API, developers can stream this data to Email and Web Servers as well as control readers and gateways with your own software or web services.

Syncing ClearStream data with your backend software and systems

Data Integration

ClearStream enables users to stream data read by connected RFID Readers and Bluetooth Gateways to backend software systems and databases. Data can be sent to Cloud Services, ODBC Databases, Excel Sheets and Even Text files with an easy-to-use field mapping interface.

Setting up endpoints to send clearstream data to email and web servers

Custom Endpoints

Send ClearStream data collected by RFID Readers and Bluetooth Gateways to Email and Web Servers using Custom Endpoints. Send emails to specified users based on the data that is being read.

Using the ClearStream RESTful API to integrate ClearStream data with your software


Control Readers and Bluetooth Gateways using your own applications or websites with the ClearStream RESTful API. Turn readers on or off and see RFID Tag or Bluetooth Beacon data in real-time as it is streaming.