RFID-Enabled Food Traceability

Grocers, retailers, and food suppliers are now facing the impending challenge of complying with the FSMA 204 Food Traceability Plan. This mandate, established by the FDA and set to take effect on January 20, 2026, requires businesses in the food industry to enhance their traceability processes. In response, many industry leaders are turning to RFID technology.

The integration of RFID technology into the food traceability processes offers a host of advantages beyond compliance, fundamentally changing the way suppliers, retailers, and grocers manage their operations from receiving to delivery. ClearStream RFID and TracerPlus offer a comprehensive solution to address these challenges.

RFID-Enabled Food Traceability

Key Advantages of RFID-Enabled Food Traceability:

  • Enhanced Data Capture for FSMA 204 Food Traceability - The heart of FSMA 204 compliance is providing accurate and timely data during investigations or recalls. ClearStream and TracerPlus ensure real-time data capture, allowing you to swiftly and accurately report Critical Tracking Events (CTEs) and Key Data Elements (KDEs) to the FDA within the mandated 24-hour window.
  • Accelerated Cycle Counts with Improved Inventory Accuracy - One of the critical requirements of the mandate is to maintain precise inventory records. Our software automates inventory management by providing real-time visibility into your stock. This expedites cycle counts and ensures unparalleled inventory accuracy, reducing the likelihood of errors and discrepancies in your records.
  • Efficient Management of Freshness - Maintaining freshness and preventing food spoilage is paramount in the food industry. RFID technology allows you to closely monitor the shelf life and storage conditions of perishable items. ClearStream and TracerPlus ensure that you can manage freshness effectively, minimizing waste and enhancing the quality of products.
  • Streamlined Reusable Plastic Container (RPC) Management - Many food supply chains rely on reusable plastic containers. Managing these containers efficiently can be a logistical challenge. Our solutions simplify RPC management by providing real-time tracking, reducing the risk of loss or theft, and optimizing the use of these assets.
  • Minimized Theft and Shrinkage - Food theft and shrinkage are persistent issues in the industry. RFID technology enhances security by providing real-time visibility into product movement, making tracking any anomalies or discrepancies in your supply chain and minimizing losses easier.

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How ClearStream Works

How ClearStream RFID Works

Simply connect your RFID reader to your network and the ClearStream software to the backend of your choice and start streaming data.

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Add TracerPlus Mobile RFID to your ClearStream Solution

Mobile RFID Scanning with TracerPlus

PTS also offers mobile systems that are perfect for food traceability and SGTIN-96 scanning and validation to ensure products are tagged and shipped properly.

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