ClearStream Custom Endpoints

ClearStream strives to be the most flexible RFID and BLE Solution available on the market. This means giving organizations the ability to add RFID and Beacon technology into any pre-existing system or database. With so many different systems being used today, how can a single tool support so many different options?

ClearStream Custom Endpoints

In the past, ClearStream offered direct connection to a wide variety of databases using ODBC connectivity giving users the ability to add RFID or BLE directly into the database of their choosing. However it is common to see software and systems that offer web based APIs to get data from outside systems into them. With the Custom Endpoints, ClearStream gives users an option to integrate Fixed RFID and Beacon data into their system through the web based APIs available.

Using these Custom Endpoints, ClearStream can generate customized output that can be consumed by a web service. Users can define the type of web request they would like to make, such as GET, POST, PUT etc. and then customize the data sent to the web service to match what is required. This can include sending the tag and Bluetooth beacon data collected by ClearStream as JSON to the user’s web service API.

URL: /api/v2/inserttags
Body: {“tagsread”: [{ “epc”: “94E3289D723494E3289D7234”, “datetime”:”2019-02-01 8:45” }, {“epc”: “E2E3281D723494E328FD7214”, “datetime”:”2019-01-01 12:15”}]

In addition to allowing integration through web based APIs, ClearStream Custom Endpoints can also use this same method of packaging custom data into an E-Mail. This gives users the option of sending critical data directly to the people that need to know.

Send email alerts with ClearStream Custom Endpoints

Some of examples of how Custom Endpoints can be used:

  • Send a customized email of critical tag data to the people that need to know. This could include sending the current inventory of a smart cabinet to an email address, or report tags that are not supposed to leave an area so that corrective action can be taken.
  • Send tag data to a web services API using a customized report generated by ClearStream. This report can be defined by the user to fit the needs of their web services API. The output generated can be JSON for a web service, or simple URL parameters for processing in a web server.