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Featured Solutions:

Stockroom Check In / Check Out with fixed RFID

RFID Check In / Check Out

RFID Enabled Check In and Out Eliminates Manual Error.

  • Unattended "Check In / Check Out" of any asset or part.
  • Automatically updates any Database with asset location.
  • Capture asset direction - Check In / Check Out.

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RFID Inventory and asset tracking with fixed RFID

RFID Warehouse Inventory

See the contents of an Area / Warehouse with the press of a button.

  • Quickly see what's in an area / warehouse.
  • Know when something is missing.
  • See if an item is where it is supposed to be.

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RFID Check-in / Check-out of items or people.

RFID Entry Point Portal

Track items as they move in and out of a specified point of entry.

  • Automated Check-In / Check-Out of items.
  • Track when employees come and go.
  • Trigger an Alarm when something leaves that shouldn't.

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RFID Solutions for Retail.

RFID Retail Solutions

Accurate inventories, real time merchandise locations and enhanced security.

  • Ring alarms and send alerts if items travel through unauthorized areas.
  • Track inventory instantly down to shelf and rack level.
  • Item level tracking to Identify stolen and missing merchandise.

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RFID-Enabled Food Traceability

RFID-Enabled Food Traceability

Integrate RFID technology into the food traceability processes required by the FSMA 204 Food Traceability mandate.

  • Enhanced Data Capture for FSMA 204 Food Traceability.
  • Accelerated Cycle Counts with Improved Inventory Accuracy.
  • Efficient Management of Freshness.

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RFID Work In Process (WIP)

RFID Work In Process (WIP)

Tightly control your Work in Process preventing errors and saving on hidden expenses involved in material flow.

  • Control Conveyor Operations and Flow of Materials.
  • Track materials at all stages of production.
  • Control Lights, Alarms and other GPIO Devices.

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RFID and Beacon Enabled Student Tracking.

RFID and Beacon Enabled Student Tracking

Track Everything at Your School with ClearStream.

  • Passive Class Room Attendance (Cellphone to Fixed-System Link).
  • Real-Time Student and Faculty Location Tracking with History.
  • Configurable Email and Text Alerts for Parents, Administration, and Teachers.

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Track attendees as they navigate through a corporate event or trade show.

RFID Event Attendance Tracking

Track attendees as they navigate through a corporate event or trade show.

  • Passively scan RFID badges or wristbands using RFID portals.
  • Track areas of the event visited by the attendee along with time stamps.
  • Eliminate long lines that would be introduced with other solutions.

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Other Solutions Available:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Secure Entry Point Monitoring
  • High Value Asset Control
  • Industrial Equipment Tracking
  • Vehicle Tracking / Fleet Management
  • Medical Supply Control

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