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ClearStream RFID allows non-programmers to develop their own fixed RFID and Bluetooth Beacon apps in minutes to track virtually anything including people, assets and inventory. ClearStream RFID works on most Fixed RFID Readers including Zebra, Feig Electronics, Impinj, Intermec, Alien, and ThingMagic, along with BluEpyc, Minew, and Bluecats Bluetooth Gateways. Don't have the hardware to trial ClearStream? Request a Demo Kit.

Current Version: Version 7.0 Build 725 - Updated 5/03/2022

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Watch a video of ClearStream RFID in action and see how you can be up and running in minutes.

Watch a video of ClearStream RFID in action and see how easy it is to setup.

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Watch a recording of the latest ClearStream RFID webinar.

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