ClearStream Software for RFID and Bluetooth Beacons

ClearStream is an easy to use, yet exceedingly powerful RFID and BLE compatible data collection tool that streamlines and simplifies your data collection process. ClearStream can integrate with almost any new or existing setup, including RFID, whether it be HF, UHF, or even LF to quickly gather and report your RFID tags. In addition, you can use BLE Beacons and Gateways to gather your information instead. On top of functioning seamlessly with both RFID and BLE technology, ClearStream is flexible enough to integrate with any backend database or system and is easy to configure, with no programming required.

Clearstream Software for RFID and Bluetooth Beacons Diagram
Connect your BLE Gateway and internal network

Hardware: Connect your RFID Readers or BLE Gateways to a network.

Install ClearStream BLE and set your data destination (Text, Excel, ODBC Database)

ClearStream Application: Configure the ClearStream Software to send data to a destination.

Click Devices, select it and start reading Beacons in minutes

Backend System: Stream collected data to any backend database, system, endpoint or api.

ClearStream is available for Free Trial. Users with existing hardware can download ClearStream, configure it to their backend system and start streaming data. Don't have hardware yet, No problem. ClearStream's built in emulator enables users to create a mock RFID environment with Readers, Antennas and tags and stream this data to a backend system or database. Click the button below to Trial ClearStream today.

Use ClearStream for Fixed RFID.

Fixed RFID

ClearStream enables organizations of any size to track items and people utilizing UHF, HF and LF RFID technology.

Use ClearStream for Bluetooth Beacon reading.

Bluetooth Beacons

ClearStream is a powerful yet easy to use a Bluetooth (BLE) Beacon solution enabling users to keep track of items and people.

ClearStream integrates with most backed databases and systems.

Data Integration

Stream RFID and Bluetooth Beacon Data to backend systems and databases of your choice using ClearStream's intuitive UI.