ClearStream Features and Benefits

Bluetooth Beacon Tracking, RFID Scanning, Virtual Site Survey, Web API, Endpoints and more.

ClearStream offers users a great set of features to track your data including UHF, HF and LF RFID Scanning, Bluetooth (BLE) Beacon Tracking, Virtual Site Survey for simulating an RFID environment and the ability to customize the software using our Web API and custom Endpoints. Learn more about the features of ClearStream below.

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ClearStream Enterprise Class RFID and BLE Features.

Below you will find the latest key features added to ClearStream.



Self Healing and System Notifications

Enables readers to automatically reboot/reconnect and send status emails.

Moderate Tag Reads

Enables users to control when a tag is reported and how often.

Custom Tag Events

Enables users to send tag data based on a sequence of events.

Custom Fields

Users can send additional data based on the tag data being read.

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