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What is ClearStream RFID?

ClearStream RFID is user-configurable fixed RFID tag reading software that gives you the flexibility to easily capture and stream data based on your specific business needs.

What can you do with ClearStream RFID?

ClearStream RFID is a powerful yet easy to use fixed RFID solution allowing you to keep track of items. You can verify items in a specific location, perform area/room inventory or track when an item enters and exits a particular entry point. With the ability to use the fixed RFID reader's I/O ports, ClearStream RFID allows you to start and stop a read at the press of a button or alert the user of a good vs. bad read through the use of lights and/or sound devices.

What applications are best suited for ClearStream RFID?

ClearStream RFID can be used for Supply Chain/Distribution Management, Industrial Equipment Tracking, Medical Supply Control, Inventory Management, Equipment check in / out, Vehicle Tracking / Fleet Management, Employee check in / out, Secure Entry Point Monitoring, Corporate Event Attendance Tracking, High Value Asset Control and Retail Ingress/Egress Monitoring.

Which fixed RFID readers currently work with ClearStream RFID?

ClearStream RFID currently supports RFID readers from Zebra, Feig, Impinj, Intermec, Alien, ThingMagic and any other reader supporting LLRP (Low Level Reader Protocol). For a complete listing of supported devices Click Here.

How is ClearStream RFID licensed?

ClearStream RFID is licensed per fixed RFID reader it connects to.

What should I do if I am reinstalling a ClearStream trial and having difficulty?

To fix this, uninstall ClearStream, delete C:\ProgramData\PTS\, then reinstall. Please back up all work before deleting.

What is required to run ClearStream RFID?

A PC running Windows XP/2000/Vista/7/8/10 or Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016 with 100 MB free space, fixed RFID reader with a wired Ethernet connection to your network, Antenna(s), RFID tags and a destination for data collected (Text, Excel, ODBC Database).

What happens to the data read by ClearStream RFID?

The data will be transferred to the destination you specify in the ClearStream RFID software. This data will be synced in real-time to your choice of Text, Microsoft Excel or ODBC Database.

What type of data can be collected with ClearStream RFID?

Currently we can capture the Tag ID, Reader Name, Antenna Name, Signal Strength of read, Date/Time of read and a Tag Event field used to identify when a tag is visible vs. not visible anymore.

Can you control the signal strength of the Antenna(s) to control read distance?

Read distance can be controlled by setting the transmit power for each Antenna connected.