iBeacon Bluetooth Beacons Overview

iBeacon Bluetooth Beacons Overview

iBeacon is an Apple iOS compatible BLE Beacon, introduced with iOS v7. iBeacon can be used to trigger a specific action to be taken when within the range of the beacon. This is useful for allowing customers special deals or mobile payment options if used within a store. Or they can be distributed at particular points of interest, such as in a museum or at a bus stop to convey particular information about the location / schedule. iBeacons store their information by segmenting into a UUID, Major number, and Minor number explained below.


The iBeacon's UUID is the highest level identifier used to distinguish your group of Beacons. Used to receive information from only beacons you have designated as your own (IE find only PTS beacons).


The iBeacon's Major is the “group” of beacons. Designate a Major number for only a specific type of product (like computers) and allows you to locate item groups by that designation.


The iBeacon's Minor is a specific beacon. This is the unique number given to a specific beacon to allow you to identify it. Find a specific computer among all given computer beacons.

iBeacon Bluetooth Beacons are an excellent choice for an organization looking to leverage their sleek and powerful iOS devices. iBeacons are supported by almost any modern iOS enabled device, and are made to function specifically on iOS to ensure maximum compatibility. Whether you are looking to expand to iOS devices or utilize your existing ones, iBeacon is an excellent choice.