Mobile RFID with TracerPlus

Mobile RFID capabilities are often a necessary component of an RFID System. PTS, the developers of ClearStream RFID, offer Mobile RFID via TracerPlus, another PTS product. TracerPlus is a Mobile Application Development tool that is free to try, requires no programming and is compatible with most Mobile Phones, Barcode Terminals and Motorola RFID Scanners. If you need to create a simple Barcode or RFID enabled application it can often be done in minutes once the basics of TracerPlus are learned. More advanced applications can also be created using TracerPlus and can be integrated directly to almost any database.

TracerPlus Solution Center

The TracerPlus website also features a Complete Solution Center which is free to use and offers 100s of Mobile Apps for virtually any need. Many mobile RFID applications are available for trial on the solution center including asset tracking and inventory.

TracerPlus Enterprise Class RFID Features

TracerPlus can be configured for virtually any application and with our Enterprise Class RFID Features there are no limits to what is possible. RFID tag writing/encoding and the ability to locate items using the built in Geiger feature are just two of the many RFID specific features.

Common TracerPlus RFID Applications:

  • Asset Locating and Room Audits
  • Retail Inventories and Stock Checking
  • Chemical Tracking
  • Tool Room Scanning
  • Attendance Tracking

Mobile RFID Features of TracerPlus:

  • Rapid scan mode allowing 2000+ tag reads per minute
  • Tag Locator (Geiger) for finding tagged items
  • Read User Memory bank data at the same time as EPC data
  • Write/Encode to RFID tag's EPC and User memory banks
  • Read and Write tag data in both Hexadecimal and ASCII formats

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Mobile RFID scanning with TracerPlus Software