RFID Virtual Site Survey

When implementing a fixed RFID solution, you typically have to pay 1000s of dollars just to have someone come on site to do a site survey. With ClearStream RFID that is no longer necessary. Our RFID Virtual Site Survey tool allows you to simulate your own RFID environment saving you time and money. Draw your floor plan, place your virtual RFID readers and Antennas, add your RFID tag info and put it all in motion using the animation feature to see how RFID will work in your environment.

The ClearStream RFID Virtual Site Survey is different from other systems in that it actually can be connected to your Database or Software System including Excel. This means you can integrate ClearStream before you actually install the RFID Readers, eliminating hours of install time and live database integration headaches.

RFID Virtual Site Survey Features:

  • Custom design a floor plan to simulate your environment.
  • Allows for placement of readers and antennas to simulate RFID coverage.
  • Choose items that match the real items to be scanned to simulate read performance.
  • Animate the items within the environment to match the required data collection process.
  • Ties into a real data source so that testing can be accomplished with actual data.

Watch a demonstration and see for yourself.