Self Healing and System Notifications

Power outages, network crashes and hardware failures can all cause an RFID system to go down. With many organizations running 24x7 and using RFID in critical data capture processes, these failures can lead to lost data. ClearStream introduces Self-Healing Reader Utilities and Automated Alerts enabling a series of defined tasks to take place as soon as ClearStream RFID detects a problem. ClearStream heals RFID readers that fail, enabling them to resume operations automatically. Simultaneously, system notifications are sent to the relevant IT staff, communicating the current state of their RFID system.

Self Healing and System Notifications Features:

  • Automates RFID reboots and network reconnections saving IT personnel countless hours.
  • Communicates RFID system status alerts and updates to the appropriate IT Staff.
  • Easily configured, without programming, to meet your team's specific RFID system administration's needs.

Watch a demonstration and see for yourself.