PTS Launches ClearStream 4.1 with New Reader Controls

Portable Technology Solutions’ latest version of ClearStream, RFID software that is free to try, boasts new features that allow users to configure just what data they capture from read events, the way they need it.

Calverton, NY (September, 2017) - Portable Technology Solutions (PTS) – an industry leader in user-configurable data collection software – has released ClearStream RFID 4.1. This latest release includes powerful new features to allow users to better control how their data is routed within their organization.

Download Version 4.1 Here >>

Tag moderation was introduced in version 4.1 allowing users to configure only the tag reads that are important to them. This drastically reduces network traffic and overhead while still providing the same level of data quality and integrity.

Another complementary feature to tag moderation is the inclusion of user configurable custom fields. By introducing custom fields, users can now configure tag reads to extract data from the tags themselves before it hits their database. Custom fields also allow the user to define parent-child relationships to a group of tags; an employee checking out a cart full of different pieces of equipment for example.

Like every prior release, ClearStream RFID strives to add more support for new hardware in the market. Version 4.1 now includes native support for the FEIG series of readers to add to its growing arsenal of supported RFID equipment manufacturers.

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About PTS:

Portable Technology Solutions, LLC (PTS) is a leading provider of user configurable, mobile data collection software and systems with 7,000-plus, active customers. PTS -- developer of the TracerPlus line of mobility software along with ClearStream RFID creates user customizable and affordable mobile data collection and integration software that does not require programming experience to configure, deploy or use.

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Calverton, NY, Portable Technology Solutions also maintains an active presence in Europe and partners with mobile hardware manufacturers, worldwide distributors, and OEM solution providers.