Financial Services Client: Problem Solved with ClearStream RFID

ClearStream RFID enables streamlined asset tracking to a large finanial services client.

The Problem

A leading multinational banking and financial services corporation had a problem: an inefficient asset-tracking process that was costing hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in labor and loss - with half a million IT assets to account for across the country.

Their existing system was prone to human error, loss of assets, resulting in costly internal audits and outside asset tracking fees for out of service assets.

The client had been using a check in/check out bar-code system to track off-network assets going in and out of the stockroom. This labor-intensive practice meant that a typical cart containing up to 30 assets could take as long as 15 minutes to check in or out—an inefficient process that also accounted for 50 percent of the corporation’s total asset loss.

2-step Solution:

PTS ClearStream RFID: To address internal movement of assets from active use to stockroom, PTS proposed a Zebra fixed, passive RFID system. Configured with PTS Clearstream RFID software, the system would instantly record assets as “in stock” or “in use,” according to the direction of movement through the stockroom doors. An RFID printer provides the client with the flexibility to print its own Confidex Silverline RFID tags on demand. What once took 15 minutes could now be achieved instantaneously - with no risk of human error.

To track movement of assets off-site, a similar fixed RFID “cookie crumbing” system was implemented for entrance and exit doors to record assets as “off-site” or “in use” – to further reduce loss and inefficiencies.

The PTS Mobile RFID system powered by TracerPlus: provides the ideal solution for more efficient and error-free audits. Utilizing Zebra RFID mobile readers, loaded with user-configurable PTS TracerPlus RFID software, the system could mimic the client’s current install while enabling mass scanning of assets and inventory at once. Additionally, the Geiger functionality makes it possible to locate lost items from up to 16 feet away. No more crawling under desks to locate and position bar codes for scanning - a process that took up to three minutes per asset could now be accomplished in seconds.

100% Return on Investment

Portable Technology Solutions continually proves to be the right answer for this client’s tracking issues. The system currently in place allows the client to automate their asset tracking resulting in minimal errors, less labor-intensive asset tracking process. As well, they are now performing fewer, quicker, more efficient audits, resulting in a 100% return on investment within two years. End result: greatly reduced cost, increased efficiency and increased revenue – a win-win for all.

About PTS:

Portable Technology Solutions, LLC (PTS) is a leading provider of user-configurable, data collection software and systems with over 8,000 active customers. As developers of TracerPlus mobility software and ClearStream fixed RFID software, PTS provides solutions for any kind of organization, any type of system, and any budget. PTS solutions require no programming experience, enabling users of any ability to configure, deploy, and use them. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Calverton, New York, Portable Technology Solutions also maintains an active presence in Europe and partners with hardware manufacturers, worldwide distributors, and OEM solution providers. For additional information visit – and