Feature Highlight - ClearStream RFID Public API

The ClearStream RFID Public API allows you to manage your readers remotely through the use of a web browser. Use the built in interface or take the API and build it into your existing web environment. Now you can remotely start and stop your RFID readers from a PC or Laptop, or take this even further and have your workers use their Android or IOS smartphones and tablets.

ClearStream RFID Public API Features:

  • Control ClearStream and your RFID readers through a third party tool using the new public API.
  • Gives you full control over how you control the readers outside of ClearStream. For example, develop a web page so workers can control readers from a PC, laptop, or Android / IOS phone or Tablet.
  • Check reader status, start/stop readers, capture the mobile worker who activated the readers, and more.

Watch a demonstration and see for yourself.