ClearStream RFID is the only user-configurable fixed RFID tag reading software that can be set up in minutes to track critical assets and inventory anytime, anywhere.

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Browse our featured solutions below and see how you can start tracking critical business data both easily and quickly. View our other solutions section to see what else you can do with ClearStream RFID.

Featured Solutions:


Room Inventory / Audit

See the contents of an Area / Room with the press of a button.

  • Quickly see what's in an area / room.
  • Know when something is missing.
  • See if an item is where it is supposed to be.

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ClearStream RFID

Entry Point / Check-In/Out

Track items as they move in and out of a specified entry point.

  • Automated Check-In / Check-Out of items.
  • Track when employees come and go.
  • Trigger an Alarm when something leaves that shouldn't.

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ClearStream RFID

Corporate Event Attendance Tracking

Track attendees as they navigate through a corporate event or trade show.

  • Passively scans RFID badges or wristbands using Fixed RFID scanners or portals.
  • Track areas of the event visited by the attendee along with time stamps.
  • Eliminate long lines that would be introduced with other solutions.

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ClearStream RFID

Other Solutions Available:

Supply Chain Management

Industrial Equipment Tracking

Medical Supply Control

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Secure Entry Point Monitoring

Vehicle Tracking / Fleet Management

High Value Asset Control

Retail Ingress/Egress Monitoring

ClearStream RFID

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