What's New in ClearStream 3

You talked, we listened

When PTS added enterprise class RFID features into the 7.0 release of TracerPlus, customers immediately began requesting help finding a fixed (unattended RFID) RFID solution to complement TracerPlus. PTS understood that this hole in the marketplace would slow down the adoption of TracerPlus being used for RFID. Knowing these facts the next step was simple, develop an affordable, easy to use solution for fixed RFID that can grow with the user's needs just like TracerPlus does for mobile work forces. The rest is history and after two years of feedback from our users, we are releasing the 3.0 version.

New Features in Version 3:

  • New single reader multi destination architecture - Send tag information to multiple data sources simultaneously.
  • RFID Virtual Site Survey - allows for testing of tags, and readers in a virtual environment.
  • ClearStream Public API - users can now create their own interface to turn on and off readers. This can be a web site or a custom application.
  • Readers can now scan the TID, and User memory banks of a tag.
  • New fields collected by the reader, including TID and User banks, read start event for recording how a reader was started.
  • ASCII conversion of EPC, and user memory as tags are read.
  • New in 3.1 - Support added for Alien Readers through the Alien Reader Protocol (ARP).
  • New in 3.1 - Support added for a wider range of antenna power which is now based on reader capabilities instead of a static range.

Clearstream RFID 4.0 Now Available - See the New Features Added

Watch the Sneak Peek Webinar below and see some of these new features in action.

Version 4.0 Now Available - Click To Download!