What's New in ClearStream 4

4.0 Lowers Your IT Teams Cost of RFID Administration

You already know that ClearStream RFID’s ROI is tremendous for the department benefiting from the system. Does this ROI flow into the budget of the IT team? We listened to IT teams and added new features to ClearStream RFID 4.0 that lighten the IT load and reduce the TCA (Total Cost of Administration).

New Features in Version 4:

  • Self-Healing and System Notifications - Simultaneously heals RFID readers and sends status updates to IT administrators.
  • Custom fields with data parsing enables you to capture additional info during tag reads.
  • Custom date time formatting enables you to format the date/time posted to your database that comes from the reader.
  • Improved date time precision for more exact reporting of when a tag was read.
  • GPI de-bounce timer to prevent GPI triggers from tripping when they shouldn't.
  • Selectable tag send for GPI triggers enables you to choose whether tags send as they are read or sent at the end of a read cycle.

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Watch the 4.0 Webinar below and see some of these new features in action.

Version 4.0 Now Available - Click to Download!