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September 13, 2017 - PTS Launches ClearStream 4.1 with New Reader Controls

Portable Technology Solutions’ latest version of ClearStream, RFID software that is free to try, boasts new features that allow users to configure just what data they capture from read events, the way they need it

Calverton, NY - Portable Technology Solutions – an industry leader in user-configurable data collection software – has released ClearStream RFID 4.1. This latest release includes powerful new features to allow users to better control how their data is routed within their organization.

Tag moderation was introduced in version 4.1 allowing users to configure only the tag reads that are important to them. This drastically reduces network traffic and overhead while still providing the same level of data quality and integrity.

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April 24, 2017 - FEIG RAIN Readers Now Compatible With ClearStream RFID Software

The combination of FEIG and ClearSteam makes implementing RFID systems simple and straightforward

Atlanta, GA - FEIG ELECTRONICS INC. continues its drive of straightforward RFID reader configurability and operation by announcing native support from Portable Technology Solutions’ ClearStream RFID software, the only user configurable fixed RFID Software that sets up in minutes to track assets and inventory tags.

FEIG readers now work out of the box with ClearStream’s updated version 4.1 software, allowing immediate use of its fixed readers from the simplest reader operations to flexible coverage for the most complex customized enterprise systems.

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May 2, 2016 - Long Island’s Portable Technology Solutions (PTS) Helps Florida Students Address School Shootings

Gives High School STEM Team the Tools It Needs for a High-Tech Solution

Miami, FL - With the help of a Long Island company, three Florida high school freshmen are using technology and ingenuity to try to end school shootings. Faced with the challenge of designing a group capstone project for their STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics] class at Scheck Hillel Community Day School in Miami, Florida, Esther Benasayag, Albert Wolak, and Abraham Woldenberg looked to recent headlines and tried to find a way, as they put it, “to save lives.”

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June 1, 2015 - Portable Technology Solutions Releases ClearStream RFID 3.1

Support added for Alien Fixed RFID readers using the Alien Reader Protocol (ARP) and Enhanced read performance among the major features

Calverton, NY - Portable Technology Solutions (PTS) announced today that it has released Version 3.1 of ClearStream RFID. Included in this release are support for all Alien Readers via the Alien Reader Protocol (ARP), major performance enhancements for tag reading & memory usage, and added support for a wider range of antenna power which is now based on reader capabilities instead of a static range.

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April 15, 2015 - Portable Technology Solutions Achieves Zebra Technologies Validation

ClearStream RFID 3.0 fixed RFID software validated by Zebra Technologies for full, proven compatibility with industry-leading RFID readers

Calverton, NY - Portable Technology Solutions (PTS) announced today that it has successfully completed Zebra Technologies' Validated Program for its ClearStream RFID software. This designation indicates to customers and partners that ClearStream RFID was thoroughly and successfully tested for performance and functionality with select Zebra RFID devices.

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October 28, 2014 - Portable Technology Solutions Releases ClearStream RFID 3.0

Virtual Site Survey Heads List of New Features for ClearStream 3.0

Calverton, NY /PRNewswire/: In 2012, Portable Technology Solutions, LLC (PTS) launched ClearStream RFID software and put enterprise-class RFID systems within the reach of any business. Now ClearStream 3.0 makes it easier than ever for businesses to see how RFID technology can work for them, with a Virtual Site Survey that can make costly on-site surveys a thing of the past.

ClearStream's new Virtual Site Survey enables users to quickly construct a graphical representation of their own floor plans, place virtual RFID readers and antennas where desired, and see how inventory and assets are scanned as they move through the drag-and-drop environment. Inventory and asset data is actually recorded to the relevant database (compatible with Microsoft Excel, text files, or any ODBC-compliant database) for each room in the floor plan, just as it would be if using physical readers making for seamless conversion to an actual production environment.

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June 28, 2013 - Portable Technology Solutions Releases ClearStream RFID 2.0

Experience Fixed RFID Software Freedom

PTS announces the release of ClearStream RFID 2.0, making it compatible with LLRP compliant fixed RFID readers from manufacturers including Impinj, Intermec, Alien, ThingMagic, and Motorola. ClearStream RFID is the only user-configurable Fixed RFID Software that can be set up in minutes to track virtually anything including people, assets, and inventory anytime, anywhere into the database of your choice.

Recent user Mohammed T. Abuateek of iBusiness Solutions in Qatar states, We have finished the first day of our event successfully scanning with 12 readers using ClearStreamRFID. A total of 2,433 visitors were scanned today syncing more than 100,000 records smoothly to our SQL server using your software. The performance was really great thanks to you. With new features and user interface enhancements, ClearStream RFID 2.0 gives you an overall better experience than ever before.

Highlighted features:

  • Configurable I/O controls.
  • Stream tags into ODBC databases (Access, Oracle, My SQL, SQL Server and more), Microsoft Excel or tab-delimited text files.
  • Filter incoming tag data.
  • Stream data from multiple Fixed RFID locations.
  • Configurable EPC memory bank length.

April 2, 2012 - Portable Technology Solutions Releases ClearStream RFID

The Fastest & Easiest Set Up on the Market

Track Critical Inventory & Assets Anytime, Anywhere with 100% Accuracy

Calverton, NY: Portable Technology Solutions, LLC (PTS), today announced the availability of ClearStream RFID,, the ideal front end data collection tool for inventory and asset tracking. The fastest and easiest to set up on the market, users can install, hook up and begin reading in minutes with just a few clicks to suit any facility or business need. It integrates into any pre-existing system, with no programming required to see anything, anywhere, anytime with 100% accuracy.

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